Handwritten page from Ferenczi's Clinical Diary
Ferenczi and His World & Ferenczi for Our Time in Karnac's window 2012
young Ferenczi and Jones

The Ferenczi Archives at the Freud Museum

September 29, 2012

From Sep 22, 2011to Sep 30, 2011

On Sept 29th the Freud Museum in London held a double event. The first half of the evening was devoted to welcoming the Ferenczi Archives to the Museum. Director Carol Seigal expressed her thanks to Judith Dupont for her donation and emphasised the importance of the collection. Andre Haynal and Michael Molnar made speeches in which the “coming home” element was emphasised. With the housing of his numerous papers in the Freud Museum which was also Freud’s last home, Ferenczi, the son, had returned to the bosom of the father, now as a full fledged adult, with his own family of Ferenczi devotees around the world.

The museum archivist had prepared a list of items in the Ferenczi archive, and this was handed out to interested parties. This list will be available from the museum in due course.

The launch of the two Ferenczi books - Ferenczi and his World, and Ferenczi for our Time, both published by Karnac and edited by Judit Szekacs-Weisz and Tom Keve - occupied the second half of the evening. Peter Rudnytsky, in his role as editor of Karnac’s History of Psychoanalysis series made the main speech, placing the books in historical context.

The evening was very well attended and was considered a great success.