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Seventh European Psychoanalytic Film Festival: SECRETS

The Seventh European Psychoanalytic Film Festival (epff7) will include screenings of some remarkable European films under the theme Secrets

From Oct 31, 2013to Nov 03, 2013

Seventh European Psychoanalytic Film Festival

Date: 31 October - 3 November 2013
Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN


The Seventh European Psychoanalytic Film Festival (epff7) will include screenings of some remarkable European films under the theme Secrets. Find out more about the featured films.

Join us for:
- Discussions of the films with their directors, psychoanalysts and the audience
- Lectures and round-tables with analysts and film scholars
- A social programme to accompany the festival

The festival is aimed at anyone with a passion for cinema who would like the opportunity to see and explore excellent European films, providing a forum for creative dialogue between psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, film makers, academics, critics, students and film enthusiasts. It is organised by The Institute of Psychoanalysis under the Honorary Presidency of Bernardo Bertolucci.



Click on film titles to see a clip of the film on YouTube

- AUSTRIA  Atmen [Breathing] (Karl Markovics, 2011 – 94 min)
- BRITAIN  The Third Secret (Charles Crichton, 1964 – 99 min)
- HUNGARY  Bizalom [Confidence] (István Szabó, 1979 – 101 min)
- ITALY  (lo e te) Me and You  (Bernardo Bertolucci, 2011-103 min)
- SWEDEN  Svinalängorna [Beyond] (Pernilla August, 2011
- 99 min)  
- BOSNIA  Halimin Put [Halima’s Path] (Arsen Anton Ostojic, 2012 – 95 min)
- FRANCE  Augustine (Alice Winocour, France 2012  -  101 mins)
- CROATIA Nije ti Zivot Pjesma Havaja [Family Meals] (Dana Budisavljevic, 2012 – 50 min). See download below for more information
- ESTONIA Disko & Tuumasoda [Disco & Atomic War] (Jaak Kilmi & Klur Aarma, 2009 – 78 min)

Christel Airas, Psychoanalyst
Pernilla August, Filmmaker
Lisa Appignanesi, Writer
Caroline Bainbridge, Film Scholar
Bernardo Bertolucci, Filmmaker                                                     
Irma Brenman Pick, Psychoanalyst
Adama Boulanger, Psychotherapist
Ron Britton, Psychoanalyst                                                                                            
Dana Budisavljevic, Filmmaker
Dave Calhoun, Film critic
Don Campbell, Psychoanalyst
Ian Christie, Film scholar
Charles Drazin, Film scholar
Peter Evans, Film scholar
Michael Halton, Psychoanalyst
Viviane Janson, Psychoanalyst
Jaak Kilmi, Filmmaker
Arto Leppänen, Psychoanalyst
Karl Marcovics, Filmmaker
Stanislav Matacic, Psychoanalyst
Laura Mulvey, Film scholar
Kannan Navaratnem, Psychoanalyst
Arsen Anton Ostojic, Filmmaker
Catherine Portuges, Film scholar
John Rignell, Psychotherapist
Andrea Sabbadini, Psychoanalyst
Valeria Sarmiento, Filmmaker
Elisabeth Skale, Psychoanalyst
Istvàn Szabó, Filmmaker
Judit Szekacs, Psychoanalyst
Nick Temple, Psychoanalyst
Kari Tuhkanen, Psychoanalyst
Andrew Webber, Film Scholar
Alice Winocour, Filmmaker
Candida Yates, Film Scholar