Handwritten page from Ferenczi's Clinical Diary
Ferenczi and His World & Ferenczi for Our Time in Karnac's window 2012
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Ferenczi tapestry

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ferenczi_tapestry_042_edit.jpgTextil artists Melanie Mckennell has created a Ferenczi tapestry! It is brilliant. She used the little drawings/images from Ferenczi's Notebook plus her fantasies of a distant land called Hungary...the Danube... and Thalassa, of course...

The Freud Museum recently received a donation of an important archive of letters, manuscripts, notebooks and photographs related to the life and work of Hungarian psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi. The archive, which includes Ferenczi’s clinical diary and a number of unpublished documents, is of great significance to the history of psychoanalysis. It was entrusted to the Museum by Dr Judith Dupont, psychoanalyst and literary representative for Ferenczi’s works. dupont_in_freudmuseum.jpg Dr Dupont was born in 1925 in Budapest and comes from a family with strong links to psychoanalysis in Hungary: she is the granddaughter of Vilma Kovács, who trained as a psychoanalyst under Ferenczi, and the niece of Michael and Alice Balint, who were both leading psychoanalysts. She assumed responsibility for Ferenczi’s literary es...

The files of the Ferenczi Archives landed in London on the 19th of May 2012.They travelled in a private car from Paris in the morning, crossed over the Channel in the afternoon so that they could be welcomed and taken care of by the Freud Museum personnel in the evening .

“Ferenczi finally arrived home to Freud’s house not like a son, but as an equal partner” said Michael Molnar summing up a long and gripping journey with episodes of high tension: insecurity, escape, emigration , the quest for settling down... returning, disappearing and being found again... The vicissitudes of these files truly reflect the lives of their creators .The times they lived in , the fights they fought , their friendships , respect , collegiality and readiness for cooperation which paved their way to overcome persecution, rivalry, mistrust and suspicion. To help them survive and find a safe place enabling their voice to be heard, their ideas understood, apprec...

Ferenczi for our Time: Theory and Practice

Editor : Judit Szekacs-Weisz, Editor : Tom Keve

Ferenczi for our Time: Theory and Practice

A one day conference was held on July 3rd at the Freud Museum in London on the broad subject of Psychoanalysis, Judaism and Modernity. The event was promoted as a day of talks and discussion exploring the links between these three great cultural phenomena, and the lessons that can be learned for the 'post-modern' age of today. The following contributions were made:

Stephen Frosh
Psychosocial textuality: Religious identities and textual constructions (abstract)

Jay Geller
A State within a State": Freud's Disavowal of Antisemitism (abstract)

Vic Seidler
Embodying psychoanalysis: Masculinities, Judaism and the crisis of modernity (abstract)

Judit Szekacs and Tom Keve
Golem et al (abstract)

Devorah Baum
Psychoanalysis, Judaism, and the broken promise of modernity (abstract