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Psychoanalysis, Judaism and Modernity - Freud Museum

Feb 07, 2013 comments disabled

A one day conference was held on July 3rd at the Freud Museum in London on the broad subject of Psychoanalysis, Judaism and Modernity. The event was promoted as a day of talks and discussion exploring the links between these three great cultural phenomena, and the lessons that can be learned for the 'post-modern' age of today. The following contributions were made:

Stephen Frosh
Psychosocial textuality: Religious identities and textual constructions (abstract)

Jay Geller
A State within a State": Freud's Disavowal of Antisemitism (abstract)

Vic Seidler
Embodying psychoanalysis: Masculinities, Judaism and the crisis of modernity (abstract)

Judit Szekacs and Tom Keve
Golem et al (abstract)

Devorah Baum
Psychoanalysis, Judaism, and the broken promise of modernity (abstract